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Markus Bereflod

Let's meet at Microsoft Build

Microsoft Build is the perfect venue for those looking to explore key technologies including AI, machine learning, Azure OpenAI Service, .NET, and more. It offers a chance to participate in detailed technical breakout sessions, learn about emerging technologies from Microsoft's key leaders, and connect with top-tier experts to find solutions tailored for your organization. Forefront’s expertise focuses on utilizing technologies like Microsoft 365 and Azure to accelerate your business’ results.

Optimizing your investments

Our team excels in leveraging the power of Copilot for Microsoft 365 to enhance productivity and streamline collaboration within your workflows. We specialize in developing robust, data-driven solutions that integrate seamlessly with Copilot, helping you maximize your investment in Microsoft 365.

Additionally, we lead in low code development platforms, enabling quick deployment of custom solutions that integrate smoothly with existing systems, particularly through Microsoft’s Power Platform. This approach not only shortens development cycles but also empowers your teams to build complex solutions independently, fostering innovation and rapid adaptation.

Our strategic application of Azure provides extensive integration capabilities that ensure your architecture is scalable and ready for future technological advancements.

Excited to meet you

Whether you're aiming to optimize your operations, visualize your customer journey, predict market trends, or establish robust data-driven planning tools, our experts are prepared to demonstrate how our advanced analytics, combined with Microsoft’s powerful tools, can give you a competitive edge.

If you’re interested in discussing how Forefront can help you harness the power of Microsoft for your business, book a meeting or casual meet-up with us! Sign up here and we'll ping you back asap. See you there!


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