Application Acceleration

In a dynamic market landscape, robust, scalable, and agile applications are your stepping stones towards a sustainable competitive edge. Our Application Acceleration offering is meticulously crafted to speed up your application development and modernization journey, ensuring your systems are not only meeting the industry benchmarks but setting new standards.

Use cases

The Ecosystem

View system development as a thriving ecosystem that evolves alongside the broader business landscape.


Embrace the full integration of DevSecOps to ensure swift delivery, making security an intrinsic element of the ongoing development workflow.

The Architecture

The foundation lies in Application, Cloud, and Integration architecture, where the constructed components and domains align seamlessly with the business requirements.

Application Acceleration - from design to development

Staying relevant to your customers in today's fast-paced landscape demands a different approach. Successful businesses must embrace a flexible mindset to match the agility their customers expect, especially during transitions. This necessitates robust systems and architecture that facilitate swift changes, ensuring security and sustainability over time.

Whether you're crafting applications from the ground up or modernizing existing systems, we guarantee a dependable delivery from design to development that not only aligns with but also capitalizes on the possibilities of technology.

It all starts with architecture

It all starts with Application, Cloud, and Integration architecture. Our approach ensures that the components and domains we build reflect your business needs and can evolve with them.

Future-proofing is integral to our process. We utilize cloud services that allow for easy scaling up or down as necessary, leveraging partnerships with industry leaders like Google and Microsoft. Once the cloud service and technical foundations are in place, your architecture becomes adaptable for future migration to different platforms. Productivity is maximized through managed services, such as those offered by Azure, providing greater costcontrol through scalable solutions.

Our collaborative approach involves working closely with you in cross-functional teams, emphasizing agile methodologies. We prioritize role functions to prevent personal dependency, ensuring continuous releases. Short iterations and ongoing progress measurement guarantee high-quality delivery. We equip our clients with a variety of tools and methods, including Software Professionalism, Clean Code practices, and DevOps/DevSecOps.

The way to build sustainable code and development:

  • Look at system development as an ecosystem that can live over time with the rest of the business.
  • Focus on user-centered development. This is what creates real innovation.
  • Build with a modular approach, where the functions for services can be broken apart, have their own domain, can live and be deployed individually.
  • Code should be changeable, but tests persist.
  • Code should be qualitative and able to integrate with modern and legacy systems in a sustainable and efficient way.
  • Fully implement DevSecOps to deliver quickly, with security as a natural part of the regular development process.

AI: The Game-Changer

Incorporating AI into Application Acceleration is a game-changer. AI technologies like predictive analytics and automated testing can significantly reduce development times, optimize performance, and create more intuitive user experiences. Our expertise in AI helps unlock innovation, making your applications not just robust but also intelligent and adaptive.

Application Acceleration unlocks added value beyond development

We go beyond mere development; we deliver added value to our clients by actively contributing to and taking ownership of all or part of your development projects. Alongside robust delivery, we bring in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technology and the latest development practices. This ensures our clients maintain competitiveness and relevance to their customers in today's dynamic landscape.

Join the forefront of innovation

We understand that impactful transformations take time, and you don't have to overhaul everything at once. Our role is to assist and guide your business through a shift tailored to your unique conditions. Curious about maximizing the potential of your applications and systems? Reach out to us, and we'll reach out to you.

Ready to accelerate?

Let's redefine what's possible. Reach out to discover how our Application Acceleration offering can be the catalyst for your business transformation.

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